Thursday, February 24, 2011

swing set catalog

With any luck, my children will be frugal little Penny-pinchers (however self-inflicting-ly painful that may be).

I’m cheap. Thrifty. Parsimonious. And other words which are less flattering that I am not going to mention. And I fully intend to teach Henry and Sophia to be the same.
Think what a surprise it was that Sophia found the Spring toy catalog this morning and started looking through the swing sets! And not just any swing sets, she was particularly interested in the ones on sale!
‘Wonderful!’ I thought taking the catalog from her so I could look at them for myself. And then she helped me flip the pages - directing me towards the coupons in the back. So we could get an even deeper discount.

In case you didn't already know, my children are indeed, geniuses.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not even sure how to title this one...

Sometimes I worry that this blog has the potential to be fodder for Social Services.

Or is evidence that my children are, indeed, being raised by wolves.

Bottomless-wolves, no less.

On February 2nd, we watched as the groundhog didn't see his shadow. A 1-year-old translation? 'Spring is here early! No more pants!'

I have no idea (admittedly) how Henry lost his pants. And a sock. And I probably should have found said pants and sock and put them back on him before first getting my camera and documenting it.

But then what would you have to giggle at this Sunday morning?