Saturday, October 29, 2011

worst. blogger. ever.

I’ll admit it – I am my father’s daughter. Neither of us like the end of the summer – we spend most of September sighing, tut at the sun as it goes down earlier and earlier and flat-out refuse to put the shorts away. 

This year, however, I think I was okay saying goodbye to the short-lived season. For those not keeping score (or who I haven’t shared with), we had a pretty rough run since my last post:
1.     Cappy had a bad stroke and was at Tufts (she is home recovering now though!)
2.     Some ill-fated man T-boned Tony, yes, with the twins in the car, and totaled our minivan (thankfully he had insurance though and we got a Nissan Versa)
3.     The computer crashed (lost our music and files, but on the plus side, I still have all the photos! I know, you were worried…)
4.     Tony broke his arm (but, no surgery required and he’ll get the cast off in November)
5.     Bits of other drab-ness including me dropping my Simmons course, insane bills, selling the printing presses, etc.

October seems to be kinder to us. In the first, there is Halloween candy about. And, I’m sorry to say to all of you, I have the cutest and sweetest kids ever. They make all the bad literally melt away (I know, that sounds so silly, doesn’t it? But it’s the truth). You know what else makes October better (besides Inspector Lewis)?  Pumpkins. And. Tractors. Especially when they come together. We have an absolute embarrassment of pumpkins around the house. Our favorite pumpkin-marks-the-dot farm is Flo’s in Rutland (pick up some of her fresh eggs while you’re there). We’ve gone on…I don’t think I can admit how many tractor rides so far. Suffice to say a lot. I just can’t get over the way Henry and Sophia respond. They are destined to be farmers.
We have ‘processed’ quite a few of the pumpkins already too – made pumpkin breads, muffins, cheesecake, bisque and the kids absolutely love the seeds. Besides the pumpkins we have also been working on words. Henry and Sophia talk. All. The. Time. (And I actually understand like 90% of it!) – Naturally, some words get jumbled – and homophones are a pretty big problem (things you never think of, actually). Just the other day we were making bread and, per usual, Henry and Sophia were on their chair-perches watching and helping where needed.

Me: Henry? Can you put some of that flour here (gesturing towards the counter)?
Henry: Flower? 
Me: Yes, flour.
Henry: (pulls a zinnia out of its vase and puts it down where the bread is supposed to go)
Me: ...
(I’m doing this story no justice, but it was extremely enlightening)

Or several weeks ago we were making a tomatillo sauce and the twins, still on their perches, were helping ‘sort’ the ingredients. Until I noticed something was missing. 

Me: Guys? Where is the hot pepper?

Henry and Sophia: Pepper? Pepper? Piper?!

Me: No, (panic starting to set in) not Piper (Piper is their cousin’s name) PEPPER. Where is the hot jalapeno PEPPER.

Henry and Sophia: Piper! Yay Piper! *Applause*

(This continued until Sophia finally showed me that she had it clutched in her little fist when I was on the verge of hysteria). 

I will try not to be as delinquent in posting (Halloween is coming yes? And you need to see my horrific attempts at their costumes? Yes?)