Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yup, I went there...

Henry and Sophia’s first Halloween was a busy one – filled with color, food, family and friends.

As I am practically seamstress-to-the-stars (hahahaha) I was well up to the task of making their costumes.

If you can’t immediately tell from the photographs, Sophia was Raggedy Ann and Henry was her brother, Raggedy Andy.

I am so grateful to the inventor of the hot glue gun; and needle, of course.

Yes, on my babies’ first Halloween I dressed them as rag dolls; I suppose it could have been worse.

Raggedy Ann & Andy, happen to be, after all, symbols of caring and love, of compassion and generosity. Its a beautiful story if you're interested.

Anyway, I think it is a good Halloween-costume-kick-off. 

There will be plenty of time to be ghosts and gypsies, pirates and princesses – this year they made perfect dolls ☺. We obviously did not do the candy thing, but our wonderful neighbors didn’t want them feeling left out.

They got “My First Halloween” bibs, gently used books and soft teeth-ers for trick-or-treats (yes, we did walk around the neighborhood, in the wagon with cousin Piper. And they kept their hats on!).

I really cannot believe how lucky we are. My parents, brother and in-laws came over. We ate lasagna, took loads of pictures, humiliated the dog and visited.

At the end of the day? Henry shared a quiet moment with the carved pumpkin and votive candle (battery-powered candle so no worries).

In his ghost pajamas.

Happy Halloween.

PS - And before you go thinking that Henry and Sophia went without any sort of “treat” (what kind of mother do you think I am?!) they did get one.

Sort of.

Ever make a baked good for a baby? There are loads of recipes. I broke in the new Kitchen Aid mixing bowl – an applesauce cake with no sugar. And raisin eyes, nose and mouth.

Shaped like a pumpkin, naturally.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I have been a poor correspondent.

And likely I am only going to be worse in November as I attempt a very stupid task; but I have to do it. I think I thought that as Henry and Sophia got older they would be less dependent on me and more interested in the world around them and I would have more time to write about their new skills, not less.

This is not to say they are uninterested in their world – they just need to be…um....supervised.
Often. Or they do things like eat ladybugs.
Dog food.
And jack-o-pumpkins.

Yes, its been a busy month.

And sometimes I would rather be a matador to a highly-caffeinated bull than change Henry’s diaper.

No, seriously.

{NB these photos were taken at Old Sturbridge Village - not exactly a bull, this Ox was making cider - Henry and Sophia found it compelling. Oh and the Ox's name? Henry.}

I have started seeing myself as a Curator to Henry and Sophia – an overseer and manager of a special collection which needs extraordinary care and attention as it grows. One with visitors. One with a traveling exhibition, carrying cases, handling policies, no-flash photography rules. Frequent condition updates. One which is endlessly fascinating. Enchanting. Smile-inducing. Intoxicating and thrilling to see time and again.

 In line with this new mother-metaphor, I had them framed. See? Even matted they still retain their personalities.


I always wanted to be a curator.

I guess now I am.