Thursday, February 14, 2013

So, how's it been?

So, hi.

I guess I’ll try to jumpstart this online space after a ten-month absence. I had this vision that as Henry and Sophia got older, I would have more time to record, create, document, reflect (I know, the well-seasoned among you can fling your head back and laugh. It was an honest mistake). So we’ll just proceed like I am gifted in time-management and that this blog has been going all along.

A lot has gone on. Many trips to the library (and so many books checked out that they actually shut down my library card). I-kid-you-not. Having a husband who now works in the CW/Mars system has absolutely no benefits at all (Sorry, T, you’re still great and all…). But after a tot-sized-rebellion, all was well again (NB you can take the I-pledge-to-read-X-number-of-books-over-the-summer at two, but you can’t get a library card until you are five; the twins are drafting letters to the board of trustees, pictures forthcoming). We also had a birthday. I know. We turned three. They both got cameras.

And their first board game – Candy Land. We are still actually developing the skillset to play the game (the windy path keeps catching them – that and the whole pictures of sweet things that move you potentially forward or backwards and/or place you in mortal peril). But fear not because Cappy is the best possible teacher ever.

Sophia also got her own set of watercolor pencils.

Okay, sidebar, seriously its been awhile and now I realize Henry and Sophia’s stories have grown up a bit, but I have to say. My daughter is a maniac. Last summer she asked for watercolor pencils after using mine (a nice near-vintage-set of Derwents I’ve had forever). I got her the standard Crayola and thought all-was-well. And….she didn’t like them. I found them inside the baseboard heater, behind her bed and even a rogue one stuff inside a cushion. Fine. I asked her, what would you like? She said “Mama’s pencils.” So, being uber supportive of her budding artistic talent, I got her some. And now I ask you, what three-year-old gets $42 colored pencils on her third birthday?!   



And guess what?

She still prefers her mother’s. 

(I drew her the picture of the mouse above with *her* set to show her that they worked the same. No dice.) 

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  1. Great post, Jackie. Thank you. I've missed these. Nice to see your two cents are earning interest(s).