Saturday, May 29, 2010

Henry's newest accessory (and a toy)

I learned a new definition recently - orthotics.

Henry had to visit one (or rather, someone who specializes in it) - to be fitted for a molding helmet (or cranial brace). The helmet (and Henry, of course) came home with us last week. Tony and I decided on the design with race cars. Which is fabulous and a perfect fit for Henry's personality.

And no, we haven't the foggiest idea why there is a universal 'no' sign through a dog on the helmet (if any of you know let us know?) but, for the record, Henry isn't anti-dog.

But, apparently, his helmet is.

For those unaware, Henry has to wear it (and get physical therapy) for his torticollis and his head shape...which is, for lack of a better term, non-round. But by August 13th it should be round. Or rounder. And hopefully his head won't be cocked as much as if asking a permanent question. Which is cute but something we feel would be better for him to do voluntarily.

Look at him though - isn't he a trooper? And its been a billion degrees (I exaggerate, I know - but it has been rather warm). But he doesn't mind.

We've started the "breaking in" process with him and are gradually working up to him wearing it 23 hours a day. We are at day 4 now. Oy!

In a moment of weakness and with a 20% off Babies 'R Us coupon, I caved and bought the twins a stationary jumper. In addition to the doorway one (I know...I'm bad - but two kids? Two devices? Is that really all that awful?). So, we bought, and have been using the Baby Einstein Jumparoo (which folds down! Very cool...) and with Sophia's help yesterday, I assembled it.

She is such a good supervisor! (And was really 'talking' me through the process). Fortunately, 'Baby Einstein' products don't require an 'Adult Einstein' to assemble it.

And Henry, while donning his new helmet, decided to give the 'jumparoo' its first try. Its like watching Evel Knievel in the making. I so want to buy him a cape. Don't you?


  1. Maybe it means that no dog should wear the helmet? Yay for jumpy things!!!

  2. This boy was born to ride -- a motorcycle, a baby swing, what does it matter? He's rocking the helmet. In fact, it looks like he's driving that Jumparoo!