Monday, May 10, 2010

A Year Ago...

...there wasn't a rose bush in my living room.

and it was Mother's Day.
At the time I: 1. believed I would never eat food again 2. didn't have a car 3. was dutifully working on my thesis

A lot can happen in a year:
1. *sigh* I love chocolate, and cookies, and...2. drive my mom's van 3. have two cribs in the room we, just a year ago, called the "study" (and have spit up on my laptop, again).

And, as stated, there is a rose bush in my living room. We've never had a rose bush before. The reason why its in the living room instead of outside where it belongs is obvious of course, I didn't want it to be cold. It was the rose bush's first mother's day too. And it gave quite a performance.

Tony took Henry and Sophia to get the bush on Saturday, and the twins presented (or bookended) it to me (as the photograph documents). It was a very sweet, unexpected moment.

This first mother's day weekend we had plenty of outside time, where Sophia wore her new hat and Henry wore his new pants. The question remains however: what is he supposed to put in the pockets? Why do baby pants have pockets? Interesting.

And no perfect performance would be complete without an encore - Henry, my little musical man, spent some time with Mom at the piano. He, naturally, was trying to upstage me and play with his feet. Go figure.

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