Monday, July 12, 2010

what happens in half a year -

- a lot.
And a little.

Half a year ago, Earth was on the other side of the Sun. My grandmother told me I looked like "Mount Vesuvius" (I didn't know she even spoke Italian). It was cold. And Henry and Sophia debuted.

Giving us two more reasons to smile.

Apparently today something magical was supposed to happen. The six month mark! I waited, camera in hand to catch it.

Nothing did.

Tomorrow they can start food. Or at least cereal. And drink water. They also can wear bug spray.

And can be shot out of a cannon (so I hear).

They've come a long way. As have their parents. I have become progressively more anti-baby guides. I looked up 'sense of humor' in the index to one today. And it wasn't even there.

That should tell you something. My two are loaded with it - which is why I like this picture - it captures them. Miss-Sophia-deadpan. And my-name-comes-with-an-exclamation-point-Henry.

Now, six months later the bottoms of my feet are filthy. I stink of sunscreen and am sitting on clover. Its summer. I love this season – and this time I am enjoying it considering I rip-van-winkled it last year.

And this year I have to keep the bottoms of six feet clean. And for the record, yes, I like to keep my kids arranged in birth-order.

We use the stroller several times a day. They are too long now (and too uncomfortable) to sit in their car seats in the stroller. So now they are strapped in! Very exciting.

Sophia-sophisticado with mom's sunglasses.

Ham Henry sampling everything he can put into his mouth (including himself).

Honestly, do you have any idea how hard it is to get two babies to smile at you at the same time?

With these two, not very.


  1. Cute, but maybe we don't shoot them out of the cannon for a while? :-D

  2. Err...I meant Canon (the camera). Before it was Nikon only....

  3. The are so smiley! I giggle just looking at pictures of them!