Monday, August 16, 2010

a lot happens fast

Henry's busting out.

Or should I say 'busted' - he has completed his time with the cranial brace (aka the helmet). And looks like a new man.

And seems...well, not celebratory.

Honestly, he doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

He had become somewhat of a daredevil with it on, so now is adjusting to things like head pain (when he leans backwards on the floor he used to have padding, now he just has and his hair. He keeps running his fingers through it (honestly, who wouldn't? I have to refrain).

When he hits his head now, he gives me this look something akin to, 
"Wh...what the heck! [pout; sometimes tears]"
And I'm like "dude, I'm really sorry; it'll get easier...[pout back; empathy]"
But he's adjusting well. Very well. Just look at him!

What a ham.

Miss Sophia has not one - but two teeth! I was surprised by how little fanfare there was. Even though many, *many* people said the first teeth would be horrific.
Ah well.

This picture doesn't do them (the teeth) justice. Sophia is quite shy to show them, but when I asked "So...did it hurt?" She said "Um, nope. Should they?"

We'll see how Henry does when its his turn.

And they are both creeping-crawling.

Sophia can make it from one end of the house to the other; and then back again.

She has this ultra-adorable habit of looking up every few feet and smiling with her two newest gems as if to say 'look at me!' - I caught her near the fridge the other day. Obviously in need of a snack; sustenance Sophia, sustenance.

And you'll notice I redesigned the blog a bit. I was getting requests to email people when I put up new posts; I hope some of you will find the 'subscribe' feature a bit easier (and I won't feel guilty when I forget to email...). Plus I got a chance to redo the masthead with a recent pic.


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