Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve....

I have been an inexcusably bad correspondent lately. But I have an excuse – I have been tirelessly working on the twins’ birthday present.

Don’t worry – photos will be posted of the abomination.

In all seriousness though – it has been exceedingly time consuming! So out went the window of my want to write a seasonal post of “A few of my favorite things” – but I bet you cannot guess what they are (hint - 1. Henry’s crooked bottom teeth and fuzzy curls that make me sneeze 2. Sophia’s seemingly perfectly-timed ability to ‘rock-out’ at random moments during the day and helpfulness in unloading the dishwasher. See a theme? Yes, my favorite things are my children). 

Out went the desire to post endless photos of Christmas Eve and Day (let’s just say Henry and Sophia were in complete awe of church at Mass – we lost them at the stained glass – and there was a children’s choir?! My heart is still beating thinking about their response. Totally beautiful.) 

And up…on the rooftop the chimney sweep went and cleaned a few days before the holiday (with Henry keeping a close eye on him and his shop-vac. H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.)

So here I am shamelessly trying to sum up our first Christmas – which really can’t be summed up because so much happened. All-in-all it was more than what I ever could have hoped for. And – there were waffles. Homemade.

Speaking of homemade, I told myself I would get one last post in for this year. So here, dear Readers, is my post on New Year’s Eve:

I made homemade Pad Thai – yes, yes I am that neurotic. I made Henry and Sophia a ‘baby-version’ of the delectable dish. Basically they just had rice noodles, chicken, egg, cilantro, bean sprouts and one drop of soy sauce. Yes, I really only put in one drop.

I think you can see it in the picture. Tony and I had the sauce I made with rice vinegar, soy sauce, leeks, brown sugar and lime. But really – too much salt! So they had to watch us eat the ‘real’ stuff – but they seemed to enjoy it.

They also donned their new “Happy New Year” bibs. Henry and I played "Auld Lang Syne" at the piano.  

And I made fortune cookies.

Well, sort of. They were not my greatest creation – but they did the trick. And tasted better than they looked. It was my first ever experiment with them; and each one had a one-word fortune I made up.

Four cookies. Four fortunes. That is what we started out with. Henry seemed delighted to pull a piece of paper out of a cookie; he then lost interest in the cookie.

Sophia? We don’t know or remember what her fortune was. She ate it. And the whole cookie.

That’s my girl. 

No, they didn't make it until midnight. We wound down the party about 8. But maybe next year...

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  1. Sophia eating the whole cookie and her fortune cracked me up!

    So cute.

    The meal looks great and it looks like the kiddos really enjoyed!