Friday, January 28, 2011

the {little} helper

One thing they don’t tell you about one-year-olds – how stomach-hurtingly hilarious they can be. (Or, perhaps its just me). I have multiple stories to share, but one which I managed (yes!) to capture semi-photo-journalistically is this one:

Sophia has been following me around and helping me attend to my household duties. She does two things which are noteworthy: 

1) she shouts. At what, I’m not sure. But she will yell – a-ya! Followed by just a ya. (perhaps, she is perfecting her intonation? One can never be sure).

2) she mimics me, almost perfectly (minus the fine motor skills, which arguably mine and hers are on par with each other).

The other day she took the broom away from me as I was sweeping up flax seed everywhere [another post]. No, really, she took it away while I was tending to the dustpan and started sweeping the kitchen floor. And then?

She started on the living room.


  1. i have a cleaner, too (and a destroyer). nora's favorite thing is to help me put away the dishes. she also loves to sleep. oh just wait--it gets better!

  2. So cute! What great pictures! And memories!