Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the week in highs (and lows) in pictures

On Saturday we went to the UMass Teddy Bear Clinic with our own bears in hand, and head mirror bands (on foreheads, and in hand). 

The clinic was all about introducing kids to health, safety and fear-free medicine/hospital themes via an a la carte experience at loads of little booths staffed by a UMass Team at Greendale Mall.

In short? It was awesome. I learned a lot. The kids learned so much. And now want to become doctors. Admittedly, they were a *bit* young and had to stay in the stroller while we walked around and visited demonstrations from everything including a reading corner, to lung and allergy, dermatology, casting booths to Dr.-Dress-up, pediatric anesthesiology and child abuse prevention. Sometimes when I take pictures from Henry and Sophia's thigh-eye-level I realize that they will be shocked to discover people exist above the waist. Another occurring realization at events like this? People with double strollers are like lepers. Ah well.

Speaking of child abuse, after a fear-reducing time at the Teddy Bear Clinic, Tony and I felt it appropriate to reinsert some of that childhood panic into them.

And so we visited the Easter Bunny at the Hebert Candy Mansion for the biannual costumed-picture on a total stranger's lap. Look somewhat familiar? Yes, it is

Maybe its the teeth they're afraid of.

And before you call us monster-parents, it was quickly followed by the conciliatory ice cream with two spoons.


We're not that bad.

And while I usually don't care to document bath-time (my digital camera and water sadly do not mix), I couldn't resist with the new, now nightly occurring bath time ritual of soap-beards. Henry and Sophia watched me do it once, lost themselves in hysterics, and now do it.

Every night (seriously, couldn't you just eat her?)

And speaking of bubbles, if you had told me two years ago I was going to be "that guy" I would have to you that you Were Absolutely Crazy. But I am.

That Guy.

Here I am, scouring shops for second-hand plastic balls, filling the sink with soap, hot water, and scouring (again) like mad (future pictures to come of H & S playing in our makeshift ball-pit).

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