Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter (in pictures)

In this year's Easter basket? H and S got their first box of crayons (sniff, sniff) - sun hats, watering cans, a strawberry plant (which I put into the ground for them and they run up to and scream "Oh!") homemade coloring books, a children's text on the Saints and?

Spill-proof bubbles (speaking of Saints). Have you seen these things? Absolutely incredible. They. Don't. Spill. Like ever. And they have handles. When you are 1, life doesn't get any better. Especially when you're mother doesn't make you wear your Easter dress all day. Actually? Just wear the tights for a few hours. And we'll call it a truce.
We had our own egg hunt in the back yard after the 7:30 Mass. Sophia showed the bubble wand around. And Henry?
Climbed in the basket.

The official formal-wear pictures were less-smiley than bubbles. But they're still edible, aren't they?


 (Answer's still yup).

(Yup - still yup - her dress was from a consignment shop - isn't it lovely?!).

You get the picture - they are cute. Period. In addition to bubbles, Easter eggs, filled with crackers, was a perfectly appropriate task for a 1-year-old. We may be doing them until September in the backyard.   


There was this fabulous combination of surprise paired with violence when Henry and Sophia discovered there was something inside and they smashed them on the concrete. But we won't show you that - instead you can see the adorable baby, delicately removing the eggs from her basket.

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  1. Too SWEET!! And, yes, those bubbles are incredible!! They don't spill-Amazing!