Thursday, June 2, 2011

signs of Spring

I know – I took an entire month off of sharing stories of two of the happiest kids ever. I apologize. I had this vision in my head that as Henry and Sophia got older, they would be more independent and find me less entertaining leaving me loads of time to just write about them and observe them in their natural habitat. 

Instead they are interested in absolutely everything I do. So outside of work, hygiene and being endlessly fascinating, I have had little time to blog. And no free arms. Mea culpa. Mea culpa!

So while the twins are sleeping and work is done for now, I am going to post a few much-overdo pictures (with more to come shortly). And then fall asleep on the keyboard.

As a note - aside from me being interesting, they also have become acutely aware of the camera – so many pictures I take of them are when they are looking away. Because when they face me? They are attacking the lens. 

My contemplative little man has been helping water the plants, and then he walks with both hands behind his back. No really. He does. 

We bought one bubble lawn mower - but quickly realized we needed two (Henry hogged it). The laughable thing? Henry now hogs both of them (he has two working arms you know). 
I refuse to get a third.

I feel like these pictures are Henry-heavy - but how could I resist this? He loves Mama's (pronounced every so softly) piano. And his rough-and-tough truck underneath.

Ah yes, there is my other child. I forgot I had two.

 And one of my favorite sights? Two wee suits hanging up on the clothesline. 

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