Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a new house

Good news! Very recently we signed papers on a house. It was quite exciting. Granted, it was from craiglist, didn't have windows and was only one room.

But it had a solid roof and I could fit it in the Jeep and drive it across the city with just a bungee cord.

[N.B. I actually had Sophia "sign" paper with crayons to simulate the house-buying-rite-of-passage - I thought it would be a fun exercise. She pretty much left her mark all over the sheets in a variety of 'colors!' and I had to admire her for her technique]

Isn't it lovely?! It has a mail slot, fabulous mid-century ranch decor, a eat-in kitchen and a doorbell (that doesn't work).

And what home could be complete without moving furniture in-and-out of it?

Sometimes, I am stunned by how much my children are like me. Why have a house at all when you are just going to sit outside it all the time? Sigh.

At least we're close enough that she can borrow a cup of sugar. That is, if I'll share.

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