Thursday, August 11, 2011

being up close

Even though it is the middle of Summer, and rather hot, we spend a lot of time…in the same space. Henry and Sophia love books – but they love different ones. At the same time. And need assistance with them. So typically I have both twins balanced on each of my knees and holding a copy of Let’s look at Tractors! in one hand and Big Red Barn in the other (my thumbs are excellent page turners)

In the morning, they each like to sit on a hip while we walk around the yard (and my neighbors look on horrified – we kind of look like a three-headed monster). Taking laundry down from the clothesline is a task involving six hands and when we lay out a picnic blanket, I quickly realize that a dishtowel really would have done the trick. 


We are literally on top of each other. All the time.

This includes the dog (who comes into our bathroom during bath-time too). I’ve complained to Tony “we have 900-square feet in this house. Why must the five of us (four people and a dog) always be in the same 1-square foot of it?”
It really should come as no surprise that picture-taking has taken on new these challenges. But reviewing the past few weeks’ snaps makes me appreciate them all the more. My attempts at trying to shoo them away from the lens “play over there and let me take your picture!” quickly deteriorates. And as you see, they’re filling the entire frame.

So that is what this blog-post is featuring. Lots of close-ups, so maybe you can appreciate the intense and wonderful intimacy that is my every waking hour. 

And see that there’s no such thing as two close.

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