Friday, September 3, 2010

chew on this

We went to the farmer's market in Barre again this weekend; in addition to our weekly trips to the one in Worcester. And, for a treat, got some grass-fed beef.

Since we are, arguably, unfit parents, we let Henry have a bite (he's teething like mad). So yes, this picture (with remarkable depth of field for your novice photographer) shows Henry gumming a well-wrapped piece of beef.

I have this philosophy that parenting is like driving through Kelley Square in Worcester. Everyone closes their eyes and just goes. And that's what makes it work.

Please don't report us - he liked it, I swear.

It was a peaceful day. Henry and Sophia completely love the grass. To feel it, run their fingers across it, pick it (how sweet! we left with grass-fed babies too!). We try to keep them on a blanket, but that doesn't usually last very long. Like little weeds, they just can't keep out of the grass.

(I'm sure there's a better metaphor to use for cuddly infants, but that's all I got, its very early).

Oh! And a find! What trip out to Barre wouldn't be complete without finding something completely random being sold on someone's lawn? Its like freecycle only you have to pay. Which is, arguably, nothing like freecycle. 

We but we found this (slightly used, but completely beautiful!):

We thought that the twins wouldn't be interested or 'old enough' to use it until next Summer. 

But when we got home, they insisted (really) on trying it. 

I know - the 'cute' is totally addicting. I don't know how I get anything done. 

I love that they have this "have I seen you before?" look on their faces.


  1. Your two cents have the sweetest, most expressive faces--but I would expect nothing less from a Jackie Penny production.

  2. As an add-on to your last photo: my girls like to shake hands and say "Nice to meet you." It's the genuineness that makes it priceless.