Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have little doubt that this picture will drive some of you completely insane. The color is off, Henry is blurry and the only focused items in the picture are the corner of the piano and the lower keys.

Sorry to say, this was intentional.

My apologies to all those offended.

But this photograph captures the moment perfectly; my arms wrapped around his little waist as he looks at the contrasting keys - some tall/some short, some long/some stout, some black/some white, some high/some low, some left/some right. Each making a near-perfect sound (one more tuning session and the piano will be pitch perfect...)

I have never known so much soul could fit into a body so small.

I do have one picture, in focus, with my little man smiling and happily banging away on the keys like a real baby should.

Maybe I'll post it when I'm in a less thoughtful mood.

Until then I leave you to imagine the music of an 8-month old. Which isn't really as loud as you might think.


  1. I think is is BEAUTIFUL. I play the violin and would love nothing more than one of my girls to play an instrument. (Piano or violin preferably, but any instrument will do!)