Monday, September 20, 2010

the post-nap surprise

When Tony and I found out we were having twins *loads* of people told us not to expect them to be "on time" with their various developmental benchmarks. Twins are quite a few steps behind their peers we heard way too much a lot.

Whew! We thought. No need to rush into baby proofing the house! We're having twins! They'll just sit and stare at us adoringly until they are like 12 months.


Way wrong.

They turned 8 months last week. The day after they turned eight months, both Henry and Sophia sat up. Not one of them, BOTH of them.

No big deal, I thought.

The next day BOTH of them pulled themselves upright using the laundry basket.

Ho hum. Still fine, I thought. A fluke - it'll never last.

Today, I heard Sophia stirring after her nap and went in expecting to coo at my sweet little girl who would, of course, be on her back.

She was eye-level.

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  1. Yeah!! Just wait until they start walking! And talking! Mine will start their theses on Thursday...