Wednesday, January 11, 2012

on making hats

I still get these weird, misguided ideas about the process of art – like there needs to be a preparedness strategy in place before it can commence (having the twins around for two years, I really should know better).
So when it came to a birthday-hat-remake, I wanted them involved. But I wanted to have everything ready – I guess so they wouldn’t get frustrated by watching me play with scissors (and denying them the chance to try). I tried to have all the new felted pieces cut out so they could arrange them on their birthday hats (ones made last year), removed the number ‘1’, and had started cutting out some shapes and pieces.
But, they came into the room before I was quite ready for them (I guess it’s a habit now). And, I felt bad – why can’t I be as organized and equipped as other moms who have everything all ready? Have instructions, stations and even a clean-up strategy in place? Why am I always such a mess?
But I acquiesced - let them climb up to where I was working and go at it. The result was this great explosion of fun-n-felt-on-the-bed. Where even the dog was invited to get involved – and we had impromptu earmuffs and ginormous chocolate chip cookies – neither of which I thought of in my initial project-plan. 
The thing is, when it came to the actual stitching and placement, they weren’t at all interested – but wandered off into the other room – onto another project. 
Which is sad, because I think they would have done a much cuter job.

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  1. other moms have stations and instructions? I am so screwed. :0) I have always wished I had just half of your creativity. :o)