Monday, January 9, 2012

Whoo-se invitations...

I am going to try this week to be good about showcasing some of the things we’ve been working on – as it’s a pretty special week... 


I am looking forward to this whole second birthday much more than I should. Lisa at the Gaub Blog introduced me to Pinterest and I’ve become a wee addict – especially seeing all the ways you can arrange food (?!). When Tony and I were talking about a ‘theme’ for the twins’ birthday party it was hard - Pixar Cars 2 or the summit meeting of the Disney princesses? Tough choice. But we chose owls (another Lisa steal) and are calling it “Twoo's-a-hoot!”

I know, owls have been done – but we decided to go one step further (or backwards?) and do it homespun. So we’ve been making everything from the decorations to the favors to the t-shirts and hats, to the utensil holders all using stuff we had around the house. And I couldn’t be happier with what my two little creative minds have come up with.

That is, except, the invitations. Coinciding with my want to ‘art-more’ for the new year, and to use the new fabulously-handmade-leather journal which my husband made me for a Christmas gift – I decided (duh) to make a digital illustration and print them. Follow my thought process? Good. No one does. 

Admittedly, I don’t know the first thing about digital illustration. So what’s a good mom to do who wants to set a good example for her children? Seek help from peers? Consult a good reference book? Ask a librarian? Fudge it. Without a doubt – hit-that-nail-with-an-egg-beater-until-it-scores-a-touchdown.

I let Henry and Sophia pick out all the colors and the font – and I…err… hand sketched the original illustration and scanned in it (which I think is cheating? Yes? But I couldn't figure out how to draw with a mouse). Aside from being married to the world’s best bookbinder, he also doubles as a paper-and-envelope-hoarder – so whenever supplies are being pitched at work (which happens a bit when you work at American Printing and Envelope) I get all the odds and ends – which, once accumulated, is enough mailing supplies to potentially bring the postal service to its knees.
The results are okay – not bad for a first attempt – we’ll have to see how future efforts come out. And Henry and Sophia were able to help with printing, cutting (well, not really), folding and stuffing and sealing.
...and then came up with the own ideas of transporting and delivery.

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  1. I got your invite and I think it's lovely! well done.