Sunday, January 1, 2012

On taking a new direction

Again, I am sorry for not keeping better updates on Henry and Sophia (especially for the distance readers) – though they’ll be two soon, so it is pretty easy to guess what they’ve been up to (or more accurately, what they’ve been keeping me up to). At the start of 2011, Henry and Sophia weren’t saying/doing much of anything.


They were barely mobile. They were barely eating. Things have exploded. Now they are not only speaking, but modifying my grammar (no joke, I used who instead of whom and Sophia was spot-on in her correction). They are walking…and running and jumping and just yesterday, out of their cribs.

They are, quite literally, marching on. 

On the food-making front, I found myself in possession this holiday season of several new KitchenAid attachments (including the flour mill and the pasta maker) and since then, the appliance has not once, but twice threatened to leave the premises. I keep cautioning it that if she’s tired now, just WAIT until I get the sewing machine attachment (I will make this thing both feed AND cloth my young).

And because I am raising culinary geniuses, we found it fitting this holiday season to make people a cookbook as a gift. A {wee} cookbook really and mainly sugar-based – which the twins selected their favorite recipes for – and which called for their making of the main ingredient for (vanilla extract). [I tried to upload it, but I can't figure it out with blogger - if anyone *really* wants a copy, I'd be happy to get you one.] ;)

Since my last post Henry, Sophia and I appeared on Coffee with Konnie, a local Worcester cable show where I mostly talked about Goodnight Worcester and how little I know about ISBN numbers.

My favorite feedback so far has been:

“I think it’s awesome that you have no idea where the kids go in the end.”  

“Your spice rack is incredible.” 

If you have 28 free minutes, you might enjoy it.

Three quick things:

1.     Cappy is a greyhound

2.     I’m not a stay-at-home-mom

3.     I don’t know anything about IP law

But more forward thinking (because what is a New Year’s Day but that really?) I recently discovered that I have some feelings about art things, well, I like.

Maybe it’s the job seeping in.

As a result I plan on taking the blog to a new place – or direction.


Because creativity is important – and my children will need a place to do it, explore, enhance, celebrate life, food, events and yes, art. And I am feeling overwhelmingly compelled to share these stories – perhaps even more so than the more infant-centered-ness we’ve been on. 

“Two Cents” at the start, was really a blog about babies. And shocking as this (myself included) is, Henry and Sophia are not babies anymore – they are walking, talking and most importantly creating toddlers. So I’m redoing this space and how I express our imaginative comings and goings – and I hope you’ll join me (but understand if just another artsy blog just isn’t your thing). I’m not sure what it will be, and to be honest I still haven’t hashed out what it won’t be. But consider yourself warned – as already stated, the twins turn two soon and we’re already well-into preparing some projects for it…

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